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Good things you should know about fitness and exercises



The effort of keeping fit for people may not be in their priority scales and so do exercises due to choices of their careers and lifestyles. This popular quote finds more expression here, health is wealth but wealth is health. There is no amount of money that brings back life once it is destroyed. Simple care, exercises and fitness activities can improve well-being of people and individuals. The challenge has been that many people spend a lot of money taking care of their physical well-being such as feeding, beauty and skin care, but little attention is paid to the other side of the equation, the spiritual part. A human body is typical composed of what can be seen and what cannot be seen i.e. mortal and immortal, which require same extent of care and attention to continually keep them fit. Below are benefits of physical and spiritual exercises:

Fitness 2 There are no side effects for guided physical exercises, because their natural as against beauty and health products that can cause many health hazards though with some proven potency. Continuous and regular exercises increase energy of muscle tone, strength of bones, endurance of cardiovascular, flexibility, reduction of blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce body fats, enhances long capacity, increase circulation and metabolism. Exercising regularly reduces rate and vulnerability for depression. Relentless exercising with motivational and inspiring materials can help a great lot in this direction. Physical fitness activity is a very useful anti-depressant that helps to enhance mood as well as stimulating endorphins production in the brain for feel of well-being. Alcohol and drugs have not really helped because of their permanent side effects on users. Fitness Recovering from stress and fatigue due to career and workloads can achieved through a good sleep. Exercises is known natural way to get better sleeping that help stabilize human body physically and spiritually. Most of very creative minds the world has ever produced are very good at exercises either physically or spiritually at some point in their lives. Exercises increase one’s creativity. Physical activity and other forms of exercises can minimize the effects of aging and improve life expectancy. Studies have shown clearly that people stay healthier, live longer and prevent untimely deaths, because they exercise habitually. Physical- The easiest way to restart and reactivate one’s creative system is through exercises. Motivations and inspirations teachings can reduce incidences of dryness or numbing experience of the mind. Exercises have become a good therapy for patients recovering from shocks, medical emergencies and loss of beloved ones. Psychologists have been known to be good in area of counseling and mental exercising activities. Exercises are shocks-absorbers. However, as much as exercises are very good for your body and spiritual well-being, medical experts have warned side effects from physical exercise can be minimized, when physical activities can be avoided three hours to your bed time. Again, fitness and life coaches can be of help when it comes to the choice of right and appropriate exercising activities and gym machines suitable for your body and disposition. Written By: Abraham Alfa  

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