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Get and retain your target business customers with technology and excellent customer service



The main purpose of setting up any business entity is to render quality services to target customers as consequences get paid in return. Many scholars maintain several position on what make customer locate one’s business, patronize, satisfied and even make a comeback. Some hold the views that advertisement can bring enormous awareness of about one’s business premises, services and products. Others say advertisements cannot make customers always want to comeback for the same services and product, but that enterprises should focus more on rendering efficient customer services and good experiences. Another group of researchers say that quality customer service experience is realized majorly through qualified staff and trained personnel hires by many business organizations.

In the 21st Century business environment, lots have changed as to what customers anticipate or really want. Technology has come to the rescue though with many sides to it, whenever quality customer services were considered.  Below are some useful tips:

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Pre-emptive service: It is one of most prominent tool for excellent customer service delivery, because it manages and includes services for even the unexpressed wishes, desires and needs of one’s customers. Technology provides an opportunity for business personnel to adequately leave an indelible experience or memory on the minds of customers. This is the point to make permanent impressions and shift customers’ perception of one’s enterprise, which assist your customers to form opinions such as lasting commitment, sincere loyalty to your business, service and product. Let your customer look forward to your service and product in advance e.g. a movie cinema should tell their customer ahead of time what movies will be on the offering.

Start the conversion about your product: A good number of customers decided to patronize certain services and products because they came across information about your enterprise. Advertisements are very powerful tool aside from print, radio and TV media platforms; social media can be very cheap and new way of selling one’s business services and products. Bother your target customers, should be the principle, until they are able to find your business location and polices in timely and easily manner. That ultimately help your target customers decide to patronize or check it out on your services. Use the magic of technology in the first place to provoke and get into the minds your customers especially simple details of your business and services you render. For instance, a customer who wants to find about your product from your contacts should get through to you at a dial of phone or an email.

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Customer empathy: This is one stage many big and startups businesses fail to deliver. Customers will be loyal to your enterprise once your reach-out to them first and always. Customers feel safe to transact with your company whenever you make them feel remembered. Get to your customers by telephone calls, or better still get customers database that include: email addresses, place of residence, office residence, birthdays, colour likes, hobbies, etc. Technology has helped a great deal to achieve customer service, empathy and retention. Interact with your frequently, which help them get a feel of concern, interest, care etc., using any of technology tools to command their loyalty to your company. Nothing makes a customer more satisfied than being first to inform them about changes, new products and failure of service (e.g. send texts to your customer whenever a flight may be cancelled, next flight details, prices of tickets, etc. for an Air transport company).


Written By: Abraham Alfa

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