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Attention Writers! International Publishing Awaits You



Are you a writer seeking international recognition? Purple Leaf Publishing Ltd is looking for authors who have a book to be published in the following genres – self help books, cookery books, autobiographies (Non-fiction) and children's books.

Purple Leaf Publishing, a UK based publishing company is looking for the next great author. If you are a writer who has a manuscript or are working on, this is your chance to get published internationally.

The author has full creative control over their own book, as their (Purple Leaf) editing, design and production teams ensure the highest quality treatment for your book. Working closely with the author at every step to make sure the book is produced exactly the way the author describes it.


Purple Leaf Publishing is a company established to publish works of new and established authors. Purple Leaf Publishing offers two types of publishing, traditional publishing and self publishing.

Purple Leaf Publishing is a fully customized book publisher, making it unique in the publishing market. They are interested in talented authors, and authors who are passionate about writing; and they publish fiction, nonfiction and children’s books.

If you have written a biography, children’s book, fictional story, cook book or any other subject we would like to hear from you.  Whether you are a writer seeking to share your story with the world or a professional interested in enhancing or building a business with your book, a student wanting to publish their thesis, Purple Leaf Publishing has unique programs and services to help you achieve your publishing goals. These services will be tailored to your needs.

Whether your manuscript is a ready-to-print finished PDF file or a working draft requiring editing, illustration, and formatting services, they’ve got the resources you need to create a professional trade paperback or hardcover book and distribute your books cost effectively.

To be considered send your proposal to info@purpleleafpublishing.com.

Here are 7 requirements for your proposal:

  1.   How to hand in your Proposal?
    A proposal should a detailed idea of what your book will be about. Your initial submission should include a letter of introduction, a proposal as outlined below, your CV or resume, and a sample chapter or two.
  2.   Brief Description.
    In a few paragraphs, describe the work. Be sure to include what you consider to be the outstanding, distinctive, or unique features of the work. This narrative description should explain the proposed book's purpose, themes, arguments, scope, contribution to scholarship, and place in the literature.
  3.       Outline / Table of Contents.
    Include a detailed outline of the book with paragraph-length descriptions of each chapter.
  4.       Apparatus / Illustrative Materials.
    What do you estimate to be the length of the completed book?
    Approximately how many photographs and/or line drawings (charts, graphs, diagrams, etc.) do you plan to include? If illustrations are planned, please send photocopies of sample art – do not send original photographs, artwork, negatives, or any materials that are irreplaceable.
  5.       Market Considerations.
    For what type of reader is your book intended?
  6.       Competition.
    Describe existing books in this field and spell out how your book will be similar to, as well as different from, these works. Discuss specifically their strengths and weaknesses, how your coverage may vary from the competing titles.
  7.       Status of the Work.
    What portion or percentage of the material is now complete? When do you expect to have a complete manuscript?

After receipt of your proposal, your work will be accessed in a timely manner, but because Purple leaf Publishing receives hundreds of book proposals each year, it may take up to two weeks for a response to this initial submission. During the waiting period, we do not accept phone queries regarding the status of your proposal.

Send the above information to info@purpleleafpublishing.com or visit http://www.purpleleafpublishing.com/
All manuscripts must be saved in either word or PDF format.

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