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I Sold My PlayStation To Fulfill My Dreams



Many of us would give up our objectives once we have failed more than twice or have been told we are not good enough. Unlike others, Bayern Munich defender Dante, did not relent in his pursuit for success, happiness and an outstanding career. In pursuit for the profession Dante loved so much, he was forced to sell his PlayStation in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional footballer. PS2-Fat-Console-Set Courtesy:Wikipedia     The Brazil centre back is regarded as one of the best in Europe and has earned rave reviews after helping Bayern to the Champions League final at Wembley.   But it wasn’t always such plain sailing for the curly-haired defender, who had failed several trials at clubs as a youngster and was told by his parents they wouldn’t be wasting money by taking him to anymore try-outs.   Dante, though, was having none of it and made the ultimate sacrifice for a kid – parting with his beloved games console in order to fund his own trips to different clubs.   ‘Like every Brazilian boy, my dream was to be a footballer,’ he said.   ‘I played on the streets in my neighbourhood, but my family didn’t believe I was going to be a footballer as I hadn’t succeeded in trials at local clubs. They told me I should do something else. But there was something inside me that said I should continue pursuing this dream. ‘My parents said they weren’t going to support me so I decided to sell my games console to buy the bus ticket so I could go and do trials.’ Dante flogged his prized PlayStation and used the money to buy a bus ticket to Parana – 1600 miles away – and was eventually snapped up by a local team before getting his big break with a transfer to Juventude in 2002. He moved on to France with Lille, and then to Belgium before moving to Germany and ending up at Bayern, who splashed out £5million to sign him. The road to success is actually filled with stumbling blocks, it is pertinent to note that at sometimes the ultimate sacrifice is actually needed from us. Dante made the ultimate sacrifice and has achieved his objectives. The ultimate sacrifice for Dante is definitely not the same for others. First of all determine what is standing between you and your objectives and identify ways to removing the stumbling blocks. Be aware that achieving this  might require extra work from your, therefore give it you best.  Remember no venture no success!

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