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Monday-like-a-Friday (Week 3)


Hello guys! It’s another promising week and in the midst of all the grim news I’m going to be giving, I want y’all to think positive this new week. It might be harder than usual but I assure you that it is possible. I’d like for you to appreciate life and all that you have. It’s easy to get carried away with all the busyness and take everything for granted. As much as I can, this week and in the coming weeks, I’ll try to give as much good news as the not-so-good so I don’t put you in a horrible mood before you even get the chance to start your day. Heads up, people

228 people killed in Baga siege

The shoot-out I reported here last week in our Monday post allegedly killed 228 people. That’s 45 people more than the Red Cross claimed there were and more than six times the number reported by the military. Senator Maina Maaji Lawan at a press conference in Maiduguri said, “I personally visited three graveyards in Baga and counted 228 graves where victims had been buried.” The numbers are staggering and more than we can bear. President Jonathan has opened an investigation into the siege, including the actions of the military.

Boko Haram commander killed by the JTF

On the flip side, Boko Haram’s commander, Mohammed Chad, has allegedly been killed by the Joint Task Force (JTF) on Operation Restore Order (ORO) last weekend. The spokeman for JTF was more than delighted to report this in a statement. The late Chad was the mastermind behind many bombings in Borno in the past and I hope it gives you peace to know that something is actually being done to curb the Boko Haram menace.

The Tsarnaevs retreat

Following the news of the Boston bombings and the suspected bombers, Antor Tsarnaev and his wife have relocated back to Russia. Antor, as well as some other members of his family, claimed the naked man being led into a police car was his son Tamerlan in the blurry footage still widely available on YouTube. The police maintain that Tamerlan was killed in a shoot-out and the man seen in the video was a bystander being briefly detained. The Tsarnaevs have relocated back to their home in Russia to mourn the death of Tamerlan but they still remain in touch with Dzhokhar’s lawyer. The Tsarnaevs maintain that their sons were set up by the United States and were not responsible for the bombings in Boston.

Now for this week’s survival tips. Let’s dig in

1. Clear your workspace

You’d be amazed at the wonders this one tip does. It may not look like a lot but it works miracles for your mind and productivity levels. Start with your computer if you work with that often. Head over to your download folder and delete files you no longer need. Organise the ones you still need into appropriate folders. Then move to your desktop and ARRANGE your icons. Seeing scattered icons on a desktop makes me want to grab that computer and IRON all the creases out of it. I kid you not.

If it brings you more joy, you can clean out your documents’ folder of files you do not need. Move things to your SkyDrive if you have one so you can easily access your files from any computer. That way, you don’t need to move your computer around with you all the time. Thank me, later. Clean out our work table, your office. Get rid of stuff you aren’t using anymore. Let “declutter” become your new mantra.


 2. Make time for relationships

It doesn’t matter if it’s only 5 minutes of a seemingly meaningless conversation with a member of your family, your significant other or a dear friend. Talk to that person till you get to the laughing part. It’s the most therapeutic thing you can do every day. Work on one relationship per day so you don’t get overwhelmed. I personally think calling or seeing each other physically is way better than IMing, texting but if you cannot call (for some strange reason) or see physically, do text someone special today an everyday this week till you get to the fun part. It’ll bring a smile to your face and make you a little fuzzy inside. Bonus: you get a spring in your step too.

3. Turn off your phone

Yes, I said it. When you’re working or you’re in class, turn off your notifications or turn off your phone entirely. Mobile phones are more demanding than babies these days and we indulge them too. Do not flit from work to your phone, or from looking at your lecturer’s face to tapping away on your iPhone screen. Do one. Face your work. When you’re taking your break, you can check your Twitter, IMs and texts. Take your calls only if you have to. If it’s nothing urgent, don’t leave your work, call back when you’re through with your work/class.

I want to hear how you survive and even ENJOY your week. Want to tell me about them in the comment box below?





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