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Monday Like A Friday: The whistleblower



It’s a bright new day today and everyone seems to be getting ready for work. I hope last weekend was packed with fun for you and if not, maybe you should make alternative plans for next week. Well just to have a quick rundown at the very important news from last week. Some of them were actually very funny, after which we will give you tips to meet your deadline at work. Bribe Scandal The Police High Command in Abuja, yesterday, said it has identified the policeman who was caught in a hidden camera allegedly demanding for dollar bribe. The police man that was seen in a 45-second video, demanding dollars after apprehending a Nigerian-American and two other Nigerians at a bank in Egbeda Lagos, charging the victims for wearing a navy-like cargo pant. The IGP commended the unknown whistleblower in this case for his painstaking efforts in exposing what would have been a hidden crime. He equally enjoins other members of the public to emulate this noble and patriotic action which will certainly go a long way in checkmating crime in our society." Sports: On the Barclay's premier league, Arsenal fell from glory and was send crashing to the third place by Liverpool. More so Chelsea is now on top of the league table after waiting for 6 months behind Man-city and Arsenal. Aviation: It’s really strange to hear that there is a reduction in price in Nigeria, as most people say once it goes up it never comes down. Surprisingly Airfares on major international routes from Nigeria have recorded a sharp drop by as much as 80 per cent in recent weeks due to reduced trips by travellers in what is generally regarded in the aviation industry as a low season. Thus, passengers travelling to some major destinations in the United Kingdom, United States of America, South Africa and United Arab Emirates have been paying less airfares, compared to the situation about three months ago. The low season usually comes with a reduction in demand for tickets to choice destinations around the world. The falling airfare regime, according to analysts, may continue till the first week of April.   Tips to Meet your Deadline: On today’s Monday like Fridays tips, I will be furnishing you with 5 tips to enable you meet your deadline. Before I go on let me ask how many of you like getting things done on time? These days it seems that not many people do. The norm is to be late whether it is finishing a project or showing up to a meeting. Anyway don’t you worry this tips will help you get back on track and hope in due time you will be able to meet all deadlines. tax-deadline-295v001
  1. Set Early Deadlines – If you have a project due by a certain date, set your own deadline, but set it earlier that the actual date.  This sounds elementary, but not many do this.   Have you ever finished a project earlier than the deadline?  It feels great!
  2. Advertise the deadline – Tell others about your deadlines: your spouse, significant other, and close friends.  You will find that by making it public you will have added motivation to hold yourself accountable.  Failing yourself is easy, but failing in front of others is not.
  3. Make it serious – In a culture, where deadlines are seen as optional, make a choice that you will adhere to the deadline.  After all, it is a choice.  Make the decision and hold to it.  When others are going out and you have something due…don’t take the easy road.
  4. Take pride – When others do not care about timeliness, you will inevitably get flak for your stick-to-it-ness.  Take pride in knowing that you are getting the job done to your personal standards.
  5. Know you are being more productive – Take stock of the fact that you are making yourself more productive by completing things on time.  Projects left to the last minute take longer to complete.  No last minute craziness and disruption to your other work.
Have a Monday like a Friday!  

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