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10 Things you should know about United States’ Silicon Valley



When Silicon is mentioned one thing readily comes to mind, that is computers. Silicon Valley is a term originally used to describe a place where Silicon chips innovators and Manufacturers are found. It is defined now as a region for most American’s high-tech businesses. Silicon Valley is located in South Bay part of San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California, United States. It is believed that affiliates and graduates of Stanford University played dominant roles in the developing of this Valley after World War II (between 1940s and 1950s), when Frederick Terman, Stanford University’s dean of Engineering/provost encouraged faculty and graduates to start their private companies. He helped in nurturing Hewlett-Packard (HP), Varian Associates and many other High-tech companies that earned him the name, the father of Silicon Valley. Here are things you should know about Silicon Valley:
  • The Stanford University provided the solid background technology research and development that gave rise to industrial innovation in Silicon Valley along with help from private sector.
  • In 1969, the Stanford Research Institute International operated one of four nodes of ARPANET that later formed the motivation for the Internet.
  • Two friends Ralph Vaerst, an entrepreneur and Don Hoefler, a weekly writer for Electronic News in early 1971 were credited for christening Silicon Valley.
  • Silicon Valley was originally referred to as Valley of Heart’s Delight because, it was used for agriculture and food crops production.
  • Silicon Valley is a high concentration of firms involved in commercial production of semiconductors, which heralded the microcomputer revolution from Silicon-based ICs, the microprocessors, the microcomputers and other computer technology innovations.
  • This area employs millions of information technologists, engineers, scientists, from major Universities spread across the valley because of its favourable market supported by US department of defense, Stanford University and other high network venture capital firms. It is recently notable for producing world’s young billionaires through stock’s valuation.
  • The cyber-city has received credit for many breakthroughs in research and technology of US Navy. By 1909, Charles Herrold Started the first radio station in the US with scattered programming and later led to world’s first global radio communication system by Federal Telegraph Corporation (FTC) formed by Cyril Elwell in 1912.
  • Silicon Valley is home to several world leading media outfits such as CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, KGO-TV/ABC, CNBC, San Jose Mercury News etc., for the sole purpose of covering its companies and business activities.
  • Silicon Valley at present is synonymous to World’s biggest high-tech site because most of the high-tech firms’ headquarters are located there. Notable among these companies include: Fortune1000, Adobe Systems, AMD, Apple Inc., Cisco Systems, Google, Facebook, Juniper Network, SanDisk, HP, Dell, Amazon, Nokia, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Silicon Valley is renowned for its quality of Universities and Colleges that continue to lead the way in research and technology. It is literally the laboratory for so many high-tech and business innovations/startups.
Indeed, Silicon Valley will for many years to come define and improve ways of processing information and communication technology. The fight against terrorism and unemployment will in the nearest future be carried out from this America’s Santa Clara Valley.     By: Abraham Alfa

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