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Texting While Walking a Dangerous Combo



We're actually referring to people who have their phone typing and walking about in their hands that they bump into people or almost get run over. No doubt this behavior can be very  annoying and extremely dangerous to the person who is actually doing this. Last October an Illinois man was struck by a car while texting on his phone and walking in the middle of a highway. There are also several reports all over the world about people almost or been  struck down by moving vehicle as a result of walking and texting . Currently there has been a  scientific evidence to prove that it can be dangerous. A new study has found that people who type or read on their phones while walking are less likely to look at their surroundings, keep their balance or walk in a straight line. Researchers found that doing both at the same time affects posture and balance, causing people to swerve and walk slower, according to the findings published Jan. 22 in the journal PLoS One. Siobhan Schabrun, of the University of Queensland in Australia, said in a journal news release that "Texting, and to a lesser extent reading, on your mobile phone affects your ability to walk and balance. This may impact the safety of people who text and walk at the same time," She and her colleagues looked at the effects of texting while walking in 26 healthy people. Each person was asked to walk a straight line three times: once without a cellphone; once while reading a text on a cellphone; and once while texting on a cellphone. Texting, and to a lesser degree reading, changed the body's movement while walking. When writing a text, the participants walked slower, swerved more and moved their necks less than when they walked without texting or while reading. texting-walking There was also an effect on head movement while texting or reading a text message that could make balance more difficult, the researchers noted. In addition, texting or reading on a cellphone may create a safety risk for pedestrians while crossing the road or trying to avoid obstacles, the study authors noted. Apart from that there are more eminent evidence that texting while walking can be a very risky business.       Source: CNN

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