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Aphro-Create: Reason in Nature


Like the master stroke of a great painter

Like the genius of Einstein

True art stems from pain

Pain unknown to many

Pain known to some

The fear and adoration of the metaphysical

What is out there? I asked

Shut up, they said

I shout to the birds

They sing instead

If only I could converse in the language of birds

Then maybe I would ask the eagle why it soars so high

Why it spots little prey from thousands of feet away.

But no, I do not converse in the tongue of the birds.

I cry out to the elements

There is something omniscience about the skies

The leaves begin to rustle

I wonder if they whisper

Or if they scream at me too.

Do they ask why their brothers wilt right before their eyes?

Or why this black substance chokes them?

Oh if only, if only I could speak in their tongue.

I look to the trees

Maybe I can understand the language of falling leaves

Maybe I can find reason I their wilt

I go over to the tree

And feel its bark

Make jabs at its branches

There’s a lot I regret,

Maybe I can find redemption in nature

Maybe I will find reason, the reason I still draw breath

True beauty lies in the simplicity of nature,

Mother yearns for understanding,

But her children seem lost to the noise.

Written by Akinbobola Adeyemo

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