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Pick out 10 random people and ask how many had breakfast and not less than six tell you they do not eat in the morning. Of course, some are so staunch with the reasons they provide. Some will tell you they just don’t like the idea, some will say they don’t have the time to wait, others find one excuse or the other but if people knew that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, maybe they would take it serious. After sleeping for seven hours or less, there is need to break the fast (breakfast) because the brain needs fuel to start the day. Breakfast supplies the fuel needed to activate the whole body for the day’s work. In absence of breakfast, the brain finds its fuel by activating an emergency system that pulls energy from muscles destroying muscle tissues. In other words, skipping breakfast means running the brain or reserve fuels, tantamount to undernourishment of the cells. When the brain cells are not well nourished, the body suffers. Here are seven reasons you should take your breakfast much more serious:   1. Skipping breakfast can make you grouchy/grumpy – If you’ve been skipping breakfast and you’re in a bad mood, I’m guessing you should know why now. You notice you’re easily irritated by things that probably won’t matter on a normal day. You find out you can’t even tolerate everybody and their different characters. 2. Breakfast improves metabolism – When you wake up in the morning, your blood sugar level drops down. Thus, you need foods that can provide your body with that energy which is required. The body needs breakfast (fuel) to keep it running and night is the longest gap in the refueling process. 3. Breakfast helps your performance in school/at work – Hungry students find it difficult to stay in their seats and focus during class hours as they anticipate the sound of the bell indicating the break period when they can get something to eat. During this process, there is the possibility of knowledge to be lost and same applies to hungry employees. Most times, you walk into a bank and you can clearly notice that employee who hasn’t had breakfast as he/she is either annoying or irritated easily. 4. Breakfast keeps you going if you want to lose weight – Some people believe skipping breakfast helps them lose weight and thus, tend to eat heavy during lunch or dinner and this is wrong. Researchers have found out that those who eat breakfast tend to maintain and lose weight. 5. Breakfast gets your essential nutrients first thing in the morning – There are foods which we have for breakfast only as a part like cereals, fruits and milk. Bypassing your breakfast implies that these nutrients might never be gotten. 6. You probably get more nutrients with your breakfast – Morning foods tend to provide a bowl of essential nutrients like fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals and often in a different variety than those found in lunch and dinner favorites. 7. You feel fuller longer with that breakfast – Eating a filling breakfast can satisfy your appetite for several hours, making you full and not go for high calories snacks which you find yourself taking when you skip breakfast. Yes, Coldstone addicts and KFC customers take note. So, you try that breakfast and you can always pack it down to work if you’re running late or better still, wake up earlier to have it early.

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