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5 Sure ways of dealing with changes in your life!



At some point in the life of an individual, a few things start happening that may not have very accurate measure and explanation. Things may soon become so good especially with noticeable improvements in well-being of a person, while at other times the opposite seems to hold sway. The most difficult of events in the life of an individual is change; which may include transition from both ends of the fortune. There is a reason for every thing happening in the life of an individual, notwithstanding the side of the change he may find himself. The pain and gain resulting from change can make so many people lose hope and essence of life itself. That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach according to Aldous Huxley. Change is part of one’s life (or history), which according George Washington as the marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to the burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments. Here are 5 ways of dealing with changes:
  • Awareness – change is a virtue handed down to us from nature’s supreme creator. There is no need one should be so worried by wave of change surrounding him because it is part of our well-being as though blood, breathe etc.
  • Preparation – when one becomes aware about the concept of change as an indispensible act of nature, he must get set to embrace the pain and gain that come with it. Getting new skills, friends, career tips, savings, location change etc., are therefore advised.
  • Dynamics – change for so many individual may just be on negative or positive territory. Which ever come first will gradually leave one with a better offer eventually. Change can cause so much of pain or gain, but, the purpose of change is continually bring one experience help through life itself.
  • Agents of change – change could be triggered from things, people, events, decisions etc. One may be lucky that certain agents bring the signals that change is about taking place. Lessons of life have shown that most change agents come in form of inconveniences, distractions, pains, disappointments etc. The reasons for those are to breakdown one’s familiarity, course of thoughts, arouse deep passions and leave comfort zones.
  • Transition – the course of change can throw up a lot of issues because of the new status an individual assumes in the process. Change can cause physical migration, losses, challenges, difficulties, and adapting to new ways of doing things and so on. Whenever change occurs, there is the need to be patient, bold, confident, prayerful, full of positive energy, hopeful and keep faith that things will definitely come through and even better.
Everybody must experience change in this material world at some point or another through life’s journey with sole aim by the creator to enforce his plans and purposes for any individuals.   By: Abraham Alfa

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