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5 Real reasons why New Year Resolutions are important for you


Source: partiesforpennies.com

A resolution is self-imposed promise to perform act(s) towards improving self at the start of a New Year’s Day. Resolutions making were somehow traced to Babylonians’ ancient religious practice in which they made promises to their gods at the beginning of each year that they would return borrowed objects/things and pay their debts. For the Romans started each year by making promises to the Janus (god) usually at first month of the New Year’s first month that later was named January.  Although, during the Medieval period, the knights took what they refer to as peacock vow at end of the Christmas season each year to re-affirm their commitment to chivalry. Judaism’s New Year called Rosh Hashnanah that later metaphor to High Holidays of Yom, Kippur (the Day of Atonement). At such celebrations Jews reflect upon their wrongdoings throughout the year, seek and offer forgiveness. Recently, many Christians prepare for the year in advance by praying and making these resolutions (wishes/plans) at watch night services in churches around the world. Catholic lent festivity is another similar event to those resolutions in which adherents fast, pray, reflect and make sacrifices than of responsibilities. According history, New Year’s resolutions may have come from the concept of Lenten sacrifices. The essence of New Year’s resolutions by people the world over annually is for improvement of self and others. Your Resolutions may include:
  • Enhancing physical well-being: changing bad habits such as smoking, diets, getting rid of alcohol, exercises, reducing stress etc.
  • Enhancing mental well-being: getting more funs, avoiding negatives, relaxations, traveling for tours, managing time, getting more training etc.
  • Enhancing finances: increasing personal savings, paying-off debts, getting other source of personal income etc.
  • Enhancing interpersonal relationships: spending more time family and friends, getting engaged, getting married, increasing pray time and spirituality with God, making new friends and associates, more kids etc.
  • Improving welfare status: getting a new job, new job skills, better school grades, new mortgage, new business outfit etc.
  A good resolution should be improve one’s life and others. It should be short and easy to accomplish.

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