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Orin’s Story: Tango


Source: healthyblackwoman.com

Orin's story continues this week! You can read previous chapter here    Myself, Sunmade and Ire are at home this calm Saturday afternoon. My son and his father are watching television. I am in the kitchen cooking. As you already know, I ruminate on my life’s happenings while I cook. I added Tiwa on my instant messenger that day at the restaurant. Guilt has settled on me like a garment ever since. Especially when I steal away to be with him… Telling Sunmade that I love him has become a lie. Sunmade. Firm as a rock. Stable. Ever present. I cannot describe Tiwa in this manner, yet, I find myself, irrevocably attracted to him. Once, I dreamed that I divorced Sunmade and went back to Tiwa with Ire. And Sunmade did not mind much because he found someone he truly loved. I woke up to Sunmade’s kisses. Madness. Perhaps it is true what they say about love…that it is as powerful as death. Lunch is prepared. “How does this work babe? Ire gets boob for lunch and I get amala? Why can’t we ever switch places?” I find Sunmade tickling a giggling Ire as I carry Sunmade’s lunch through the living room to the dining. “Ire is one. You’re 34.” “Oh so there’s an age limit for boob now?” I chuckle. “It appears there is.” I gingerly lift Ire from his father’s arm and put him on mine as I settle down to breast feed. Soon I will be leaving to see Tiwa at the Mall. I tell Sunmade that I will be meeting up with Amaka. He nods. A satisfied Ire coos and smiles up at me. He has his father’s piercing eyes and smile. Knowing eyes. Ire will fall asleep soon. “When will you get back?” He asks. “Later…in the evening.” He nods and stares at me. His eyes seem to be saying “Orin, two can play this game.” It is loud enough for me hear. His eyes are screaming. I seek solace in Ire’s eyes but find the same accusation: You are cheating. I turn to look instead at the television. At a certain Joseph Kony and the horrible things he is doing in Uganda. They are not far more horrible than the things I am doing here.

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