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5 Surefire Tips To Help You Become A Successful Musician


Source: albanypoets.com

Almost everyone has that one friend (or even more) who’s interested in being the next Wizkid or the next Davido, or whoever they look up to. Most times, they’re in your mentions on twitter telling you to retweet one mixtape/song they released or they’re texting you to help with the hype on these songs and share to all your friends and everyone you come in contact with. Some of these friends of yours have decided to drop their education aside and focus solely on making music (which is at their own detriment) hoping that someday ‘their star will shine’ as they often say. Now, there are things these upcoming artistes need to know and do in order to become successful in the music industry.

Here are 5 tips to help the upcoming musician grow from grass to grace

1. Start  This is first to correct the notion that you need millions to start a career in music. Of course, you’ll need the money but as an upcoming artiste, you’ll need to be known first and appreciated. Nobody wants to see a video of some newbie on TV with the hottest video vixens but wack lyrics. So first things first: let the internet be your friend. Start from Hulkshare and Youtube  and spread your stuff out to people. A good number of websites are willing to put up good music for free (just shoot us an email: aphroden{at}gmail{dot}com).

2. Build your online presence

Social media is the key to online music promotion for musicians. Invest in a bio, image and name that adequately describes your brand. Oh and of course, it is important to reply your fans when they give you (good) feedback about your work.

  3. Be creative It is important to consistently churn out quality music.  Put your hundred percent into each song like it's your only song. Consistency is the biggest problem in the Nigerian music industry; you really don't want to become like that one musician who was hot and had like 5 minutes of fame. 4. Stop and find the problem if it’s not working A huge problem many upcoming musicians have is self-deception. After pouring your all into your music, it is important to gauge your audience's reaction to your art. Don't keep giving people folk when they want jollof music. out more.  Surround yourself with people who will give you honest feedback about your music and be able to take the truth gracefully. Also, be willing to rebrand/start all over again when your music doesn't meet up to standard.


5. Agreement is Agreement Promises should be kept not broken. You are bound by what you have freely signed and I cannot overemphasise that you should study whatever proposals/agreements that come to you. You may have one or two people approaching you to become a brand face/perform at a show/sign to a record label, study well and don’t put your signature on just any piece of paper.

  Hope to hear your name and your new songs soon!

By Franklin Ugo

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