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6 Basic Concepts of Book Design


Source: Socialsciencespace.com

  Ironically, the saying, ‘never judge a book by its cover,’ seems applicable to every other facets of life except in book publishing where a book is usually judged first of all by its cover before efforts to read it. The cover design of a book is the first attraction the reader is drawn to before proceeding to peruse its contents. Therefore, it is often expected for a cover design (front cover especially) to speak volumes before the actual volumes of the book are read. Here are a few tips for you to note as a writer/publisher:   The Literal Concept: literally, let the design be a reflection of the entire idea of the book which is also in harmony with the title of the book. Abstract: you may also decide to create a vague idea with your design especially in a situation where the book in itself expresses something profound. Image of the author can as well be enlarged on the front cover in a biographical or autobiographical writing displaying a certain mood depending on the tone of the book. Imaginative or Fantasy: in this case, the reader is challenged to imagine or fantasize about the cover design to create an entirely new world from the original story line. This could foster inspiration for a new piece altogether. Textual Expression: the textual preference of the book cover should also be in agreement with the statement assumed by the writer, that is, bold, italics depending on the immensity of the expression intended. Humour can also be adopted to give a picturesque view of the book especially if it is a satire.   Know any helpful tips I left out? Share them with me in the comment box! By Azeez Sanusi    

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